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FVBP started as the website for Farmington Valley Business Partners, a Leads Exchange Group.

Is anyone interested in resurrecting this group?  With tech, Skype rather than a physical meeting place?   Weekly virtual meetings, monthly physical meetings?  No dues or fees except a kitty for a successful lead?

One of the ways of insuring that Google and the other search engines assign a lot of importance to a website is to have a lot of content on it.  Tabs are a way of putting a lot of content onto a page without making it unattractive for people.  There are reasons why we are on page 1 of a Google search for all our key words and most variants.

Support and Service define a successful small business.  CIT is too small to rest on an old reputation.

We deliver cleanly working websites and software well beyond the capabilities of our competition.  We are local to northern Connecticut and we are not a front for offshoring.  Our knowledge of New England culture or our careful and safe coding standards put us comfortably above the competition.

Please, take some time to explore this website.  If you are looking for a great website, isn't it worth a few minutes of your time to explore ours?

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We would like the opportunity to deliver the best to you.  more...

CIT is one of the best eCommerce Website Design Companies in CT and New England

CIT Services, LLC is a Software Programming company.  We design Websites, eCommerce Websites, Internet Applications and more.  Video is an integral part of a modern website so we do video recording and production too.  We use ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server & Adobe tools to create top-of-the-line internet applications at modest prices.  Give your business an advantage over your competition.

We do most work in the USA, with little or no offshoring!  We know that our code is safe and solid because we coded it ourselves!

Call CIT and let's discuss how to implement Internet Solutions affordably.

We didn't start as SEO Experts, but it was necessary to learn.  We did.

It was a very humbling experience.  As a software designer I (Don) was used to making changes to code and seeing the difference, but making changes to SEO optimization is different.  The difference we want to see is moving from page 10 of a Google search to page 1 or 2, or at least to page #9.  But there will be no improvement until we do it right, and even then it may take weeks or months for the improvement to happen.

Does the headline below describe your website?

No References + No Traffic + Do-it-Yourself = No Importance = No Search Results = No Customers

If it does, then talk to CIT, because we offer effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plans from $60 a month.

Windows Programming in C based languages.

There are lots of website designers but only a few can write the back end logic and connect your website to your business.  We can!

Here are 2 examples:

  1. A quote application that automatically sends an eMail to prospective customers, based upon information in a SQL Server database. If the customer clicks on the pictures, they see larger versions.
  2. An Inventory location service. Using an App running on an iPhone, the customer scans the barcode of a part, then the barcode of the bin or location, the SQL Server database now has an accurate location for the part in question. It takes about 15 seconds per part in a production environment.  More...

If you are planning a small to intermediate sized business application and want it to be reliable we highly recommend C# or Java and PL/SQL or Transact-SQL.  Avoid the scripting languages like PHP unless you don't care about robustness, reliability or your reputation.

Sometimes one website isn't enough.  CIT Services is on page #1 for many Google searches in Enfield and the neighboring towns and #1 in many searches for the entire State of CT.  But many people search in their local towns, Windsor, Vernon/Rockville, Hartford, New Britain, etc.  When we have or have had a mailing address in these towns, we have created websites and gotten registered with Google Places, Yahoo Local, etc.  If your business has branch offices, I strongly recommend a unique website for each location, because people will search for "attorney in Norwalk CT".  They may not find you in Norwalk if you have an office in both Stamford and Norwalk but your website is registered in Google Places only for Stamford.

Second and third websites are inexpensive when we are just making local modifications.  Please look for our other websites.


This is a list of the websites we are currently promoting.  Links like these make a big difference in the importance of a website in Google searches.